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Some info about Me & how it all started

Thank you for taking the time to read through my website, below is some brief information about me and how Baba Grub came to be.



What is Baba Grub?

Baba Grub is the preferred option when it comes to feeding your young brood. All meals are home made from only the finest quality of fresh produce.  A lot of thought and consideration has gone in to every meal to make sure your loved one is getting the optimal nutrition they need.
All meals are made with love and absolute care.

Who is the cook behind Baba Grub?

My name is Nats, and I am a single mom to a beautiful boy, Nate. I have had a passion for cooking and baking since I can remember and I am very conscious of what goes into my son’s body.  I therefore strive to make sure everything is of the utmost quality and is only beneficial for him. I use these same principles in my Baba Grub production line.

How Baba Grub Came About?

 On a late Wednesday afternoon, I was chatting away with my sister who was pregnant with her third child, whilst blitzing Nate’s food and a conversation sparked as to how she is going to have to find the time and to basically start from scratch again. So I assured my sister that I’ll make all the meals for the new bubs… And so the spark was ignited and the passion stirred and Baba Grub was born.





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Why Choose Baba Grub

Why Choose?

If you're wondering if Baba Grub is for you, have a little read below.

10373731_637309493013798_3293640028016464863_nAs I have mentioned earlier, I have a son and so careful consideration and research has gone into everything that I put in his mouth.  So you can rest assured that the meals I make, are of the highest quality. All meals are home made with love, as if you, yourself had made them for your little ones. All produce is of the finest and freshest quality, which is frozen as soon as it’s cooled in its airtight containers, eliminating the possibility of contamination.

With no added sugar, salt or preservatives, Baba Grub is the healthy option. Baba Grub is also convenient, hassle free with no fuss to prepare. I have taken the ‘worry’, the ‘doubt’ and the ‘mission’ out of feeding your little ones and replaced those emotions with excitement, fun and love.

Baba Grub allows your little one to learn the different textures whilst benefiting nutritionally, as well as mixing different foods to add variety and excitement to meal time.  We have 3 different stages; stage one, two and three. Baba Grub therefore caters for growing children as it covers all the crucial years of development, from 6 months all the way to 3 years.

Recent UK search has proven that 50g of soft home made food provides the same amount of energy and protein that 100g of ready made store bought food. Babe’s would then have to eat twice as much store bought products to receive the same goodness as my home made food.

Home made with love.


Important Information

Some information you need to know

We get a lot of questions about our delivery, product line and just general questions. We've put this section together and hope to have all your questions answered. *Please note that we have had to increase our prices, due to the extreme price increase in fresh produce and meat caused by the on going drought that we are currently facing.*

Food Storage & Guidelines



  • 100 Tubs / month
  • 0 KG's of Veggies / month
  • 0 KG's of Fruit / month

All food can be kept frozen up to 8 weeks.
Simply come home from work, choose a tub, pop it in the microwave until it has defrosted and not too hot. Always remember to test the temperature of the food before serving it. Never keep food that bubs has left behind, the enzymes and bacteria from your bub’s saliva change the molecular structure of the food and can cause a disruption in the nutrition as well as making your little ill, if eaten later.

Orders close on a Friday afternoon at 3pm for delivery or collection the following Thursday or Friday. The processiong (cooking) of your order will take place on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Customized requests will be considered, for example different textures, amounts etc.
I do cater for those bub’s that are lactose intolerant.

Delivery is free within a 15k radius from the Grub kitchen in New Germany. There after AA rates of R3-60 per k apply.

Useful Tips:
Remember that your baby’s taste buds are developing all the time, so when they do pull their nose up to a particular food, don’t give up, just re-introduce it at a later stage. You may be particularly surprised.
4 day rule, this is to ensure that your baby doesn’t have any allergic reaction to new food bring introduced.
Introduce new foods in the morning or lunch time, this way, if there is an allergic reaction it is far easier to receive medical attention.
Never give your bub’s honey under a year old. Honey contains botulism spores, which can grow to life threatening toxins in babes.



Family Business

As a single mom Natalie truly understands the importance of family. Without their love & supported Baba Grub wouldn't be what it is today.

  • Nats

    Chief Cook & Owner

    Nats Stevens

    Nats is the brainchild behind baba grub and came up with her idea when her sister was pregnant. The business has grown from strength to strength.

  • Nate



    Natalie's son has taken on the chief role as main taster to ensure all meals leaving his moms kitchen are suitable for baby & toddler taste buds.

  • Greg

    Quality Controller


    As Nats older brother he takes his role as quality controller very seriously.

  • Mom

    Kitchen Support


    As Nat's mom, she plays a huge role in her business in supporting her business. Whether it being there to help look after Nate, to lending a hand with the cooking.

  • Dad

    Packaging Controller


    I couldn't do without my dad. Not only is he there to assist with important decisions but he helps with sorting my tubs.

Customer Comments

What Mommies say about our Grub

There's nothing more satisfying than receiving great reviews from our happy baba's enjoying their grub. Keep them coming.

 The Best Grub for your Baba



Got any questions?

I would love to hear from you so should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via any of the methods mentioned on my website.


Annerley Road, Manors, KZN


 083 456 6511 




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